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The Original Why Not fly Free

I'm David Tinney, the travel agency owner who broke silence in 2003 with the release of Why Not fly Free, an eBook detailing how to legitimately obtain free airline tickets as well as other secrets of the travel industry. My eBook was the first of its kind and the catalyst for others to begin sharing their knowledge of the travel industry.

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History of Why Not Fly Free

Welcome to the original website, Why Not Fly Free. Since the release of my eBook in April of 2002, I've sold several thousand digital copies in North America, Europe and Australia. Afterwards, others released versions of my eBook, even claiming to be travel agents or airline employees! Regardless, Why Not Fly Free set the standard for free airline tickets.

You'll benefit from my 20+ years of experience as a travel agent and agency owner. Learn secrets that only seasoned travel agents know about one way tickets and the myth about buying last minute tickets.

I'll help you understand the many misconceptions and myths about the airlines and airline ticket pricing. Couple that with slick, misleading marketing tactics the airline industry uses and it's a recipe for unadulterated price gouging. But I level the playing field for you so you can make an intelligent decision how and when to purchase airline tickets.

To purchase my book, "Why Not Fly Free", just follow this link to the Why Not Fly Free sales page.

Blue skies,

David Tinney
Why Not Fly Free

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